FAMILY Lettering Wall Decor

Sometimes I get sidetracked in craft stores.  And that’s exactly what happened recently when I ran into Michael’s for a picture frame and came out with supplies for a project that I hadn’t even realized was brewing in my head. Ever since I put up my gallery wall of family photos, I’ve been looking for some sort of wording to go above the arrangement of frames.  And if epiphanies can happen in craft stores, well then, a couple weeks ago, {Read More}

Family Photo Wall ~ Gallery of 20-inch Square Frames

Several years ago, I decided to put up a gallery wall of family photos à la famous and fabulous photographer Tara Whitney.  And it was love at first sight.  Just sitting at the kitchen table with those huge, cheery pictures made me happy.  My boys never tired of pointing out new details they noticed or asking questions about what was happening when the photos were taken.  But then eight months ago we added baby #3, and something (or rather, someone) was {Read More}