Features & Fun Friday #12 ~ Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Treats & Featured Blog: Scarlet Threads

It’s already the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for some features and fun! Who’s ready for March?

{Top 5 Round-Up ~ St. Paddy’s Day Treats}

Top 5 St. Patrick's Day Treats | FiveHeartHome.com

1. Green Velvet Cheesecake Shamrocks, photo & recipe by The Novice Chef
2. Shamrock Juice, photo & recipe by Creative Juice
3. Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza, photo & recipe by Gimme Some Oven
4. Leprechaun Hat S’Mores, photo & recipe by The Cake Blog
5. Mint Chocolate Fudge, photo & recipe by Wine & Glue

(Feel free to pin the round-up collage above, but to grab or pin the recipes, please be sure to click through to the original sources…thanks!)

This is my first St. Patrick’s Day as a blogger, and based on some feedback to my two St. Patrick’s Day posts thus far, I’ve already learned a couple of very important things:

(1.) The three-leafed shamrock (representing the Holy Trinity), and NOT the four-leafed clover, is the symbol of St. Patrick and St. Patrick’s Day. I erroneously believed those little green plants to be interchangeable as Irish symbols. I apologize for trusting the authenticity of the attire of the Lucky Charms Leprechaun and, while I can’t redo all of the photos at this point, I have since updated my Irish Blessing Printable post (link below) to include an option for downloading a printable adorned with true three-leafed shamrocks.

(2.) The nickname for the holiday is St. Paddy’s Day, NOT St. Patty’s Day. Apparently PaTTy is an American girl’s nickname, while the d‘s in PaDDy are derived from the Irish spelling of Patrick (Pádraig).

I apologize if my prior ignorance has offended any of the true Irish out there. I’m just a half-German Texan who’s learning as I go. I can assure you that, from now on, my St. Patrick’s Day posts will incorporate nothing but three-leafed shamrocks and references to St. Paddy’s Day. 😉

And with that, here are the posts that led to my revelations! (Click on the title below each photo to be taken to the corresponding printable/recipe.)

St. Patrick's Day Free Printable ~ Irish Blessing | FiveHeartHome.comSt. Patrick’s Day Printable ~ Irish Blessing

Leprechaun Bait ~ Chocolate Mint Cookie Bark with semisweet and white chocolate, Oreos, mint M&Ms, and mint chips | FiveHeartHome.comLeprechaun Bait ~ Chocolate Mint Cookie Bark

{Featured Blog: Scarlet Threads}

(*Affiliate links below…please scroll to bottom of post for more information.)

I’m so excited to share with you today that I’m now partnering with a wonderful organization called Scarlet Threads. Scarlet Threads sells ethically-produced, boutique-quality goods, handmade by artisans in a small village in China (and currently expanding to other parts of the world). The company was started by a couple who lived in that village for four years while working with special needs orphans. After witnessing the correlation between poverty and children ending up in orphanages, Scarlet Threads was conceived as a means of connecting some of the talented village seamstresses and artisans with a wider market, thereby providing them with the economic empowerment to provide for their families.

Not only does Scarlet Threads sell gorgeous, unique, hand-crafted items, but when you make a purchase, you are supporting an artisan to meet his or her family’s needs. The hard part is narrowing down the options!

Food blogger that I am, my favorite items (of course) are the cute, retro aprons.Harper Apron from Scarlet ThreadsPriscilla Apron from Scarlet ThreadsNora Apron from Scarlet ThreadsBut there is also beautiful, hand-wired jewelryWired Flower Earrings from Scarlet Threadspillowcase dresses for the little girl in your life…

Poppy Pillowcase Dress from Scarlet ThreadsSummer Joy Pillowcase Dress from Scarlet Threads…and hand-appliqued tees for your little boys.

Robots Applique Tee from Scarlet Threads The above t-shirt is actually part of the Chin Collection, which includes items made by Chin refugees from Burma (living in Texas).

Scarlet Threads also features some items made by domestic artisans, such as the the handmade pottery necklace below with a scripture reference carved in the back. Part of the proceeds from these items supplement Scarlet Scraps, an adoption grant fund that helps adoptive families cover the costs of bringing their little ones home.

Handmade Pottery Necklace from Scarlet ThreadsOne thing that I really like about the Scarlet Threads Shop is that each item includes information about who created it and/or how its sale will benefit someone. I am proud to be a Scarlet Threads affiliate because, by placing their button in my sidebar, I am aiding them in their mission to bring high-quality, handmade products from their talented artisans to new markets. I’m currently putting together a Scarlet Threads order of my own (birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, apron for me, dress for my daughter…and probably more), and I’ll be sure to share some pictures when I get my items in!

Next week I’ll be guest posting over at the Scarlet Threads Blog with a recipe for their Tasty Tuesday series, and I hope you’ll pop over to say ‘hi’ when I do! Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Scarlet Threads giveaway coming soon!

*If you buy a Scarlet Threads item by clicking over from my site, I earn a small percentage as commission (which goes towards the costs associated with running Five Heart Home). I could place another company’s ad in that space in my sidebar, but I feel good about supporting Scarlet Threads because their business makes a real difference in people’s lives…and their products are beautiful, to boot!

{Behind the Scenes at 5HH}

Do you follow me on Instagram? I’m a photography buff, so I have to admit, I love it! Here are a few of my personal IG highlights from February…

Sweet sibling love…before the rivalry kicks in!

photo (15)According to my boys, cleaning up toys is more fun when accomplished as superheros. And yeah…I think they’re right.

photo (16)Happy Valentine’s Day from our little sweetheart!photo (17)Last week, I posted about my big boy’s mixed emotions (and mine!) as he discovered his first loose tooth. Well, the next day, with no hesitation, he yanked that sucker right out. And would you believe that now he has two more loose teeth?!

photo (18)My little comedian always keeps me on my toes. Even while running an errand at Target.photo (19)And I wrapped up February with a peaceful, relaxing dental cleaning. That’s right…you know you’re a frazzled mom when a dentist appointment is akin to a spa treatment.

photo (20)Of course, I can’t close out another month without mentioning how much I appreciate all of you for stopping by, whether this is your first visit (welcome!) or you’re a regular reader (thank you!). I’m astounded as I watch this little blog o’ mine continue to grow, and I hope you all enjoy visiting Five Heart Home as much as I enjoy creating its content. As always, I welcome your feedback!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that your March gets off to a great start. 🙂

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  1. As someone who is Irish I can tell you to not stress about the shamrocks. The 4 leaf is a sign of good luck and fortune and their are millions of places who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day using 3 or 4 leaf. Shame on those who are picking on you. I giggle a bit about the Paddy vs. Patty because I see signs in shops and online that say Patty. There are people who don’t care either way but that is what my friends and family always said when a holiday gets “americanized.” So, if you are trying to be authentic, then of course, Paddy is the way to go. But when you really start paying attention to St. Patrick’s celebrations you’ll find a variety of it all. Stopping by from the ‘Lets Get Real’ party because your Top 5 round-up caught my attention, especially that cheesecake!

    • Samantha at Five Heart Home Samantha at Five Heart Home says:

      Ha ha, Chrystal…thanks for your kind words! I think most people probably don’t know the difference or care, but there are definitely some who have a big pet peeve with 4-leafed clovers and St. PaTTy’s Day being attributed to the Irish…and, of course, those are the people who are vocal about it! 🙂 I never want to offend anyone, even inadvertently, so I’m glad to have been educated this year — ha! Thanks again for the comment and for stopping by…hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Great round up of ideas! I am visiting from the Inspiration Monday party! You have a lovely blog!


    • Samantha at Five Heart Home Samantha at Five Heart Home says:

      You are so sweet, Shelley…thank you! I’m glad you stopped by! Hope you have a great week. 🙂

  3. I love that pizza from the round up! I haven’t given St Pat’s any thought yet, this is a great starting point.

    • Samantha at Five Heart Home Samantha at Five Heart Home says:

      Thanks, Jessica! Isn’t that pizza amazing? I can’t get over how beautiful it is. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by…happy Friday!

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